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Celebrity deaths 2019: Remembering those we lost this year

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Celebrities we lost in 2019

As we near the end of 2019, we take time to look back at those celebrities and other famous individuals we have lost in the past year. Check out our slideshows to learn more about those luminaries who have passed on.

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Actress Julie Adams, 1926-2019

Best known for her starring role in 1954’s ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’

Actor Jed Allan, 1935-2019

Longtime soap opera actor also appeared as the host of ‘Celebrity Bowling’

Chef Fatima Ali, 1989-2019

Ali competed on Season 15 of ‘Top Chef’

Drummer Andy Anderson, 1951-2019

Former drummer for The Cure

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Singer and actress Kaye Ballard, 1925-2019

Appeared in numerous variety shows and was the first to record ‘Fly Me to the Moon’

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Rapper Bushwick Bill, 1966-2019

Best known for his role as part of the Geto Boys

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Reality TV star Rudy Boesch, 1928-2019

Two-time ‘Survivor’ contestant was in the Navy for 45 years

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Actor Cameron Boyce, 1999-2019

Popular Disney Channel actor who appeared as Carlos in ‘The Descendants’ series of films.

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Former MLB player Bill Buckner, 1949-2019

Longtime MLB star will always be remembered for his error against the Mets in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series

Make-up and effects artist John Carl Buechler, 1952-2019

Worked on a number of horror films including ‘Halloween 4’ and ‘Ghoulies’

Wrestler King Kong Bundy, 1955-2019

Wrestled in WCW and WWF, mostly as a heel

Actor Carmine Caridi, 1934-2019

Played different roles in ‘The Godfather II’ and ‘The Godfather III’

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Actress Diahann Carroll, 1935-2019

First African-American actress to win a Tony Award for Best Actress also had a longtime role on the show ‘Dynasty’

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Athlete Howard ‘Hopalong’ Cassady, 1934-2019

Former Ohio State Heisman winner and Detroit Lions RB

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Actor Seymour Cassel, 1935-2019

Veteran actor had more than 200 acting credits to his name, nominated for an Academy Award for his role in ‘Faces’

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Actress Carol Channing, 1921-2019

Veteran actress and comedian won a Tony Award and had an Oscar nomination.

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Bounty hunter Beth Chapman, 1967-2019

Wife and co-star of ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’

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Writer and director Martin Charnin, 1934-2019

Conceived and directed the musical ‘Annie’

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Chef Leah Chase, 1923-2019

Dubbed the ‘Queen of Creole Cooking,’ and ran the restaurant Dooky Chase

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Jacques Chirac, 1932-2019

Former president of France

Actor John Clarke, 1931-2019

Played Mickey Horton on ‘Days of Our Lives’ for almost 40 years

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Country singer Earl Thomas Conley, 1941-2019

Only Alabama and Ronnie Milsap had more country number one hits in the ’80s than Conley

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Actor and comedian Tim Conway, 1933-2019

Northeast Ohio native won 6 Primetime Emmy Awards over the course of his career.

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Kicker Fred Cox, 1938-2019

Vikings kicker for 14 years; also invented the Nerf football

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Musician Dick Dale, 1937-2019

Was known as ‘The King of the Surf Guitar’ and was a pioneer of that form of music.

Actor Paul Darrow, 1941-2019

Best known for his leading role in the British sci-fi show ‘Blake’s 7’

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Actress Doris Day, 1932-2019

One of the last living actors of the Golden Age of Hollywood, Day was nominated for an Oscar for her role in ‘Pillow Talk’

Author Terrance Dicks, 1935-2019

Author of children’s books as well as long-time writer for ‘Doctor Who’

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Olympian Harrison Dillard, 1923-2019

Won multiple Track & Field gold medals and the 1948 and 1952 Olympics

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Director Stanley Donen, 1924-2019

Directed numerous Hollywood hits in the ’50s and ’60s including ‘Singing in the Rain’ and ‘Charade’

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Singer Daryl Dragon, 1942-2019

Part of the musical duo Captain and Tennille

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Actor and comedian Bob Einstein, 1942-2019

Originated the persona ‘Super Dave Osborne’

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Actor Aron Eisenberg, 1969-2019

Best known for his role as the Ferengi Nog on ‘Star Trek: Deep Space 9

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Actress Georgia Engel, 1948-2019

Emmy-nominated actress is best remembered for her role as Georgette on ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’

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Actor Richard Erdman, 1925-2019

Prolific actor appeared in many television shows as well as films like ‘Stalag 17’ and ‘Tora! Tora! Tora!’

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Musician Roky Erickson, 1947-2019

Pioneering psychedelic musician and founding member of the band 13th Floor Elevators

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Actor and singer Jeff Fenholt, 1950-2019

Originated the role of Jesus in the Broadway version of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’

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Actor Albert Finney, 1936-2019

5-time Oscar nominee (most recently for his role in ‘Erin Brokovich’), Finley also originated the role of Scrooge in the the 1970 musical ‘Scrooge’

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Singer Keith Flint, 1969-2019

Founding member and frontman for the band Prodigy

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Actor Peter Fonda, 1940-2019

Son of Henry Fonda and father of Bridget, Peter was twice nominated for Oscars (‘Ulee’s Gold’ and ‘Easy Rider’)

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Actor Robert Forster, 1941-2019

Longtime Hollywood actor had a career renaissance after his Oscar-nominated role in ‘Jackie Brown’

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Zoologist Jim Fowler, 1930-2019

Longtime TV host for ‘Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.’

Clark Gable III

Former TV host and actor; grandson of legendary Hollywood actor Clark Gable

Author Earnest Gaines, 1933-2019

Author of ‘A Gathering of Old Men’ and ‘A Lesson Before Dying’

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Actor Bruno Ganz, 1941-2019

Ganz had a long career in German television and films in addition to his work in Hollywood.

Actor Robert Garrison, 1960-2019

Played Cobra Kai member Tommy in ‘The Karate Kid’

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Celebrity feline Grumpy Cat, 2012-2019

Social media star and subject of endless online memes; her real name was Tardar Sauce

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Actor Sid Haig, 1939-2019

Best known for his role of Captain Spaulding in Rob Zombie’s horror films

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Actress Valerie Harper, 1939-2019

Emmy-Award winner from ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ and her self-named spinoff ‘Rhoda’

Singer Kylie Rae Harris, 1989-2019

Rising country star was only 30 when she died in an auto accident

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Actor Rutger Hauer, 1944-2019

Dutch actor who transitioned to Hollywood; best-known for his role in ‘Blade Runner’ as the replicant Roy.

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NBA Hall of Famer John Havlicek, 1940-2019

Former Ohio State and Boston Celtics star won 8 NBA Championships during his career.

Actor David Hedison

Starred in ‘Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea’ as well as appearing in Felix Leiter in two James Bond films.

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Actress Katherine Helmond, 1929-2019

Longtime Hollywood actress is best known for her role as Mona on ‘Who’s the Boss?’

Business magnate Barron Hilton, 1927-2019

Former chairman of Hilton Hotels and also the original owner of the San Diego Chargers

Musician Mark Hollis, 1955-2019

Co-founder and lead singer of the band Talk Talk

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Singer and songwriter Robert Hunter, 1941-2019

Longtime collaborator with Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead

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Rapper Nipsey Hussle, 1985-2019

LA rapper was shot outside his store earlier this year.

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Singer and songwriter James Ingram, 1952-2019

Two-time Grammy-Award winner also recorded a number of songs for films including “Somewhere Out There” from ‘An American Tale’

Actor Larry ‘Flash’ Jenkins, 1955-2019

Had several minor, but memorable, film roles including Gummy in ‘Fletch’

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Singer and songwriter Dr. John, 1941-2019

Popular New Orleans musician was inducted into the Rock Hall in 2011

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Comedian Arte Johnson, 1929-2019

Regularly appeared on ‘Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In’

Singer, songwriter and artist Daniel Johnston, 1961-2019

Noted for his influence on musical artists like Kurt Cobain.

Actor Eddie Jones, 1934-2019

Appeared in a number of television shows and films; played Superman’s father in ‘Louis & Clark’

Actor Freddie Jones, 1927-2019

Prolific British actor had more than 200 acting credits to his name

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Actor Ken Kercheval, 1935-2019

Best known for his role as Cliff Barnes on ‘Dallas’

Actor Gabe Khouth, 1972-2019

Mostly known for his voice work in animea

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Novelist Judith Krantz, 1928-2019

Novels include ‘Scruples’ and ‘Till We Meet Again’

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Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, 1933-2019

Creative director for Chanel for more than 35 years

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Actress Peggy Lipton, 1946-2019

Former ‘Mod Squad’ star was also mother of actress Rashida Jones

Actress Carol Lynley, 1942-2019

Best known for her starring roles in ‘The Poseidon Adventure’ and ‘Blue Denim’

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Actor Bill Macy, 1922-2019

Longtime actor best-known for his work on ‘Maude’

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Actress Tania Mallet, 1942-2019

Fomer Bond Girl who played Tilly Masterson in ‘Goldfinger’

Fashion designer Chris March, 1963-2019

Former ‘Project Runway’ contestant

Model Elly Mayday, 1988-2019

Was an advocate for women’s health throughout her career

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Actor Peter Mayhew, 1944-2019

Best known for his portrayal of Chewbacca in ‘Star Wars’

Lynn Ischay, The Plain Dealer

Fred McCleod, 1952-2019

Former television announcer for the Cleveland Cavaliers

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Actress Sylvia Miles, 1924-2019

Twice-nominated for Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress

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Actor Dick Miller, 1928-2019

Longtime character actor known for playing “everyman” roles in films ranging from ‘Gremlins’ to ‘Terminator’ and many television appearances

Actress Norma Miller, 1919-2019

Helped bring about the revival of swing and earned the title of ‘Queen of Swing’

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Singer Eddie Money, 1949-2019

Grammy-nominated singer had a string of hits in the ’70s and ’80s including ‘Take Me Home Tonight’ and ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’

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Author Toni Morrison, 1931-2019

Nobel prize winner and author of many novels including ‘Beloved’

Actress Nadja Regin, 1931-2019

Appeared in a number of British television shows and two James Bond films

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Actress Denise Nickerson, 1957-2019

Appeared as Violet Beauregarde in ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’

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Singer and producer Ric Ocasek, 1944-2019

Lead singer for The Cars

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Wrestling announcer “Mean” Gene Okerlund, 1942-2019

Longtime WWF/WWE announcer and host

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Photographer Terry O’Neil, 1938-2019

Best known for his fashion and celebrity photos from the ’60s

Actress Beverley Owen, 1937-2019

Played the original Marilyn Munster on ‘The Munsters’

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Architect I.M. Pei, 1917-2019

Known for his many modern building designs including work on The Louvre in Paris and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland.

Actor Joe Pilato, 1949-2019

Played Captain Rhodes in ‘Day of the Dead’

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Businessman H. Ross Perot, 1930-2019

Billionaire twice ran for president

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Actor Luke Perry, 1966-2019

Best known for his role on ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ as Dylan McKay

Businessman T. Boone Pickens, 1928-2019

Well-known hedge fund manager and political activist

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Producer Hal Prince, 1928-2019

Earned more than 20 Tony Awards over the course of his career

Pro wrestler Harley Race, 1943-2019

Wrestled or work as a trainer in every major pro-wrestling circuit including WWF, NWA and WCW

Singer Leon Redbone, 1949-2019

Prolific singer and songwriter also wrote and performed the theme to ‘Mr Belvedere’

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Journalist Cokie Roberts, 1943-2019

Longtime political reporter and analyst worked for NPR and ABC News

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Actress Doris Roberts, 1925-2019

Longtime Hollywood actress played Marie on ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’

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Hall-of-Fame baseball player and manager Frank Robinson, 1935-2019

Only player to be named MVP in both leagues also managed the Indians late in his career

Musician Ranking Roger, 1963-2019

Performed with The Beat, General Public and Big Audio Dynamite

Celebrity chef Carl Ruiz, 1975-2019

Appeared as a judge on numerous television cooking shows

Singer Maxine Brown, 1931-2019

Country singer performed in the family trio The Browns

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Screenwriter Alvin Sargent, 1927-2019

Won Oscars for his screenplays for ‘Ordinary People’ and ‘Julia’

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Actress Lisa Sheridan, 1974-2019

Television actress appeared in a number of roles from the ’90s on

Actor Karl Shiels, 1971-2019

Stage and screen actor had a small role in ‘Batman Begins’

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Novelist Anne Rivers Siddons, 1936-2019

Wrote a number of books set in the South that became movies including ‘Heartbreak Hotel’

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Director John Singleton, 1968-2019

First African-American to be nominated for a Best Director Oscar for ‘Boyz n the Hood’

Actor Joseph Sirola, 1929-2019

Veteran of stage, television and film was dubbed the ‘King of Voiceovers’ for recording thousands of commercials

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Actor Kristoff St. John, 1966-2019

Best known for his work on ‘The Young and the Restless’ as Neil Winters

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Hall of Fame QB Bart Starr, 1934-2019

Former Packers QB won the first two Super Bowls

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Actor Rip Taylor, 1931-2019

Actor and comedian who made a name for himself for his confetti-tossing gag

Actress Russi Taylor, 1944-2019

The voice of Minnie Mouse as well as Martin on ‘The Simpsons’

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Musician Peter Tork, 1942-2019

Bassist for The Monkees

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Actor Rip Torn, 1941-2019

Nominated for multiple Emmy Awards for his work on ‘The Larry Sanders Show’

Actor Brian Turk, 1970-2019

Best known for his role of Gabriel in the show ‘Carnivale’

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Socialite Gloria Vanderbilt, 1924-2019

Heiress to the Vanderbilt family and mother of Anderson Cooper

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Actor Jan-Michael Vincent, 1944-2019

Best known for his leading role in ‘Air Wolf’

Singer Scott Walker, 1943-2019

Part of the singing group The Walker Brothers

Musician Larry Wallis, 1949-2019

An early member of Motorhead as well as part of Pink Faeries

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TV Host Suzanne Whang, 1962-2019

Longtime host of the HGTV series ‘House Hunters’

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Boxer Pernell Whitaker, 1964-2019

Olympic gold medalist and member of International Boxing HoF

Actor William Wintersole, 1931-2019

Veteran character actor who also appeared as Ted Ballantine on ‘General Hospital’ and Mitchell Sherman on ‘The Young and the Restless’

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Singer Mac Wiseman, 1925-2019

Co-founder of the Country Music Association (CMA)

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Actor John Witherspoon, 1942-2019

In addition to his television career, he played Willie Jones in the ‘Friday’ series of films

Actor Morgan Woodward, 1925-2019

Best known for his role as Marvin Anderson on ‘Dallas’

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Author Herman Wouk, 1925-2019

Won Pulitzer for his novel ‘The Caine Mutiny’

Actor Max Wright, 1943-2019

Made appearances in numerous television shows, but is probably best known for playing Mr. Tanner on ‘ALF’

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Director Franco Zeffirelli

Italian director known for his adaptations of Shakespeare as well as for shooting ‘Jesus of Nazareth’

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Prior celebrity deaths

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