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Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, 52, was found dead in his hotel room on May 18, 2017 in Detroit. His death was ruled a suicide — he was found with a rubber exercise band around his neck. There were also seven medications found in his system, but it was reported that this did not contribute to his death.

His wife, Vicky Cornell, is not buying the suicide explanation. She told The Detroit News that she felt that the medical examiner conducted a “botched investigation.”

“This has left me and my family still looking for answers, but at the same time, set off this whirlwind of conspiracies,”she said. “Some of the people are just fans looking for answers, but some of them are conspiracy theorists who say the most vile things to my children and me.”

“The poor choice of phrasing has misled the public to believing he was of sound mind and body,” she continues. “So some conspiracy people think if Chris wasn’t impaired, he would never have killed himself, and so he must have been killed — and then they start getting into the rest of the holes.”

Even though no narcotics were found in his system (Cornell had battled opioid and alcohol addiction in the past), she believes the prescription meds he had taken contributed to his death.

“When I spoke with him on the phone the night he died, he was slurring his words (and) was on and off incoherent. He said he’d taken two Ativan. His bodyguard was supposed to only give him one per night. We didn’t fight; I was just upset that he took more, and I could hear the effect it had. I was not going to enable him. (I said) ‘What do you mean you took two?”

“If you add it all up, he was on these prescription drugs that should have never been prescribed. It caused a relapse…I think it was, unfortunately, the perfect storm, a combination of factors that made him go manic. Had the medical examiner looked at all these factors, maybe they wouldn’t have concluded it was a suicide in just an hour and a half.”


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