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Dealing with grief: why it’s OK to feel sad about the death of a celebrity – Stylist Magazine

How to deal with feelings of grief around the death of a celebrity

Below, Dr Kirsty Read, clinical psychologist, provides expert tips on how to deal with grief following the death of a celebrity.

Give yourself permission and time to grieve. Remember to look after yourself along the way. Try to maintain your regular routine, doing self-soothing activities, spending time with friends and family, talking with others about your feelings, trying your best to eat well and ensuring you have enough time for rest. Over time, it is likely that the grief will lessen and there will come a time where you are better able to adapt to life alongside the loss.

Remember that even though the celebrity is no longer physically here, your connection with them, and the impact on your life can still remain. Consider how you might continue your connection or bond with the celebrity. For example, you could continue to listen to their music, visit the places that remind you of them, contribute to a cause you are both passionate about, write down your memories, commemorate them or hold onto some items which represent your connection to them.

Seek help if things become too difficult to manage. Although it is natural to feel emotional or grieve after a celebrity dies, if this goes on for quite some time and you are finding it hard to carry out your daily activities, you may benefit from some increased support. This might involve talking to your GP, a support organisation such as CRUSE or a faith/spiritual advisor. 


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