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10 WWE Wrestlers Who Are Having A Very, Very Bad 2020 – WhatCulture

The Millennial generation has a tendency to describe every year as the ‘worst year ever’, but 2020 is making a seriously substantial claim to that crown. 2016 might have had a lot of celebrity deaths, but did it have a quarter of the world’s population locked down as a virus takes the lives of millions? David Bowie, Alan Rickman and the rest were cool and all, but come on now.

Even in the fictional world of WWE, 2020 has been wretched. Pro wrestling exists purely for the paying audience, so what happens when there is no crowd? Everything sucks, that’s what. What was initially somewhat novel has quickly become tired, and WWE is suffering more than most. Creatively that is, the blood-sucking finances seem to be fine.

2020 hasn’t been awful for everyone. Drew McIntrye is WWE Champion, Edge has made his grand (okay, an overstatement) return to the ring, and Becky Lynch still hasn’t lost. But for every Celtic champion, there is a superstar who is going through a tough time, embarking on a 2020 that will almost certainly be remembered as a career-low. 2021 can’t come soon enough for these boys and girls.


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