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Did Peaches From TikTok Die? What Happened to the Content Creator? – Distractify

Brittany Johnson (aka Lovely Peaches) earned fame with a song that recently went viral on TikTok, titled “Burnin’ ‘N’ Itchin.'” 

The 19-year-old Louisiana-native also creates controversial content, producing short clips you’re unlikely to forget about anytime soon. From bodily fluids to child sex trafficking, she covered the strangest topics out there.

According to a new rumor, Lovely Peaches might have died. Is this true? Let’s find out. 

So, did Peaches from TikTok die?

Peaches shot to fame with hotly contested Snapchats that saw her eat feces, period blood, and other bodily secretions. 

Often perceived as the much-needed source of entertainment for a generation plagued by tedium, the influencer ventured to a domain no other dared to enter before. 

With a whole host of Instagram Lives and Snapchats triggering visceral disgust, Peaches managed to keep a whopping 366,000 followers entertained. 

Source: Instagram

According to a recent YouTube video by Primink, Peaches changed tact around the same time she found out that she was expecting a baby. 

Instead of using secretions as the main source of humor, she moved on to discuss even darker, deeper, and more shocking topics like child abuse or sex trafficking. 

These felt like the last straw for the social media users who already hesitated to engage with her previous videos. 

Peaches struck the fine line between the deeply problematic and the comical, creating highly unusual videos that were hilarious at best and impossible to forget at worst.

Death scares played a key role in her work, as she shot several Instagram Lives detailing her plans to stab her baby daughter, Cora Miracle, or else, kill her in her sleep. 

Unafraid to bring up highly unconventional topics, Peaches demonstrated an uncanny ability to find new, impactful topics to trigger repulsion. However, she never feigned her own death. 

Source: Instagram

So, is Lovely Peaches from TikTok really dead?

The death hoax started spreading on May 7, 2020, leaving many TikTok users concerned. 

However, as outlets like Celebrity Deaths and Latest News South Africa reveal, the content creator didn’t pass away. The rumors were ungrounded. 

Although she deleted her TikTok profile, she did keep the majority of her Instagram and YouTube accounts. 

Therefore, it’s perhaps plausible to assume she didn’t set up the hoax. Else, even if she did, she wouldn’t have started it by shutting down her TikTok account only. 

Source: Instagram

What’s more, Lovely Peaches is in a near-perpetual fight against content moderators. 

Several of her Instagram accounts were shut down over the years, and she tends to open new profiles on a regular basis to maintain meaningful relationships with her thousands of followers. 

It’s perhaps plausible to assume that the same fate befell her TikTok account, which disappeared overnight. 

To combat the death hoax, Lovely Peaches has been posting on her Instagram on an hourly basis for the past day or so. 

From outtakes of the cult-classic TV show, Charmed, to provocative selfies, she uploaded a wealth of new content to prove that she is alive and well. 


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