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Bent Fabric obituary: “Alley Cat” composer dies at 95 –

Bent Fabric was a Danish pianist best known for his 1962 hit single, “Alley Cat.”

“Alley Cat” and more

Born Bent Fabricius-Bjerre, Fabric wrote “Alley Cat” in 1961 for a television show he hosted, “Omkring et Grandgel.” The catchy tune was given an English name and released worldwide, and it became a hit, rising to No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 and getting stuck in heads around the globe. Fabric won a Grammy Award for best rock ‘n’ roll recording for “Alley Cat,” though it was a bigger hit on easy listening radio than with rock fans. “Alley Cat” became a classic earworm, finding its way to movies including “Shag” and “Imaginary Heroes” as well as TV shows including “Mad About You” and “Family Guy.” Fabric had several other hits, including 1963’s “Chicken Feed” and 2003’s “Jukebox” and “Shake.”

What people said about him

Full obituary: The New York Times



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