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Batman TAS: 10 Best Episodes For Batgirl Fans

One of the members of the Bat-Family that ended up playing a major role in Batman: TAS was Barbara “Batgirl” Gordon, and these are her best arcs.

The show Batman: The Animated Series first debuted in the early ’90s. It has become a classic for Batman fans, almost as revered as the comics themselves and went on to inform various aspects of the comics (particularly the introduction of original character Harley Quinn). While the show initially centered on the title character, he was eventually joined by characters like Dick Grayson’s Robin as well as Batgirl.

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Barbara Gordon was depicted as a sophisticated and brilliant girl. She was the daughter of Commissioner Gordon and treated like a celebrity in certain circles. When she felt like the city needed her, she became Batgirl. Batgirl became an important member of the team. The Bat-Family was pulled from the comics and given life on the small screen.

10 Cold Comfort

Batman the Animated Series Mr Freeze

Batgirl was going through some training exercises in the Batcave. In the manor above, Mr. Freeze decided to pay Bruce Wayne a visit. Mr. Freeze was threatening to kill Tim Drake and Alfred Pennyworth in front of Bruce.

Luckily, Bruce managed to trigger an alarm. With Batgirl alerted to their distress, she sprang into action. Batgirl is unable to stop Mr. Freeze, and he escapes. Batgirl manages to place a tracker on Mr. Freeze’s escape vehicle. This episode shows Batgirl fighting a villain almost singlehandedly.

9 You Scratch My Back

Catwoman and Batman in "The Cat and Claw" episode of "Batman: The Animated Series"

This episode takes place after the falling out between Nightwing and the rest of the Bat-Family. Nightwing is less than accepting of Batgirl and Batman’s help as they face off against Catwoman. Catwoman takes to trying to seduce Nightwing into helping her. Batgirl plays a key role in taking down the criminals.

The episode seems to imply that Batgirl has already left Bruce for Dick. In a strange twist, the episode seems to switch the comic book relationships of Bruce and Dick.

8 Joker’s Millions

joker and harley quinn from batman the animated series tas

This episode features a storyline ripped straight from a Golden Age comic book. The episode shows Batman, Nightwing, and Batgirl all working together to stop the Joker and Harley Quinn.

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When the Joker inherits a lot of money, Batgirl speculates that he might retire from being a supervillain. Barbara and Dick are sent to spy on the clown and make sure he doesn’t relapse into old habits. Joker eventually finds out that most of his inherited money is counterfeit.

7 Batgirl Returns

Robin Batgirl Catwoman TAS

Barbara had decided to retire from the superhero life. With Batman out of town, she finds that she has to return as Batgirl when someone steals a statue from her university. The cat-shaped statue seemed an obvious target for Catwoman.

Dick Grayson dressed up as Robin and began to work with Batgirl. The two encounter Catwoman who offers to team up with the duo. Batgirl began to work with Catwoman who insisted she was innocent. In the end, the two watch her escape.

6 I Am The Night

Bruce visited crime alley, which was something he always did on the anniversary of his parents’ deaths. He was feeling like his efforts in fighting crime hadn’t done any good. Batman goes to join the police in an effort to stop a criminal called Jazzman.

By the time Batman arrives, a battle between the police and the criminals had already begun. Commissioner Gordon was injured during the battle, and he was rushed to the hospital. There, Batman met Barbara Gordon. This episode occurs before Barbara became Batgirl and serves as Barbara’s first episode on the show.

5 Girl’s Night Out

Batman TAS

Livewire escaped from the police. Bruce was out of town but called Barbara to warn her about the escaped villain. He also called Clark in hopes of recruiting Superman’s help. Clark wasn’t home at the moment, and Kara Kent ended up answering in her cousin’s absence.

Kara, acting as Supergirl, flew to Gotham to lend a helping hand in taking down Livewire. Livewire ended up teaming up with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Batgirl and Supergirl both teamed up to help stop the villainous trio.

4 Chemistry

Bruce was attending the wedding of Veronica Vreeland when he was introduced to Susan Maguire. He quickly fell in love with the woman and decides to propose. He wanted to give up his life as Batman and become a family man.

When Veronica is seriously injured, Batgirl and Robin began to investigate her new husband. It turns out the husband was working with Poison Ivy. Many wealthy Gotham citizens, including Bruce, were targeted in a plot to steal their fortunes. This episode marks the last appearance of both Batgirl and Nightwing in the series.

3 Old Wounds

Batgirl Batman TAS

When Tim Drake’s Robin ran into Nightwing, he asks his predecessor why he retired. Nightwing was dismissive and obviously angry with Batman. Tim manages to convince Nightwing to tell him the truth about what happened with Batman.

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In the flashback, Dick is forced to end a date with Barbara in order to go fight crime. Dick became furious with Bruce’s constant interruptions. Bruce decided to take Barbara to the Batcave and tell her their secret identities. Dick became so enraged by all of Bruce’s secrets that he decided to retire as Robin.

2 Shadow Of The Bat


Commissioner Gordon is arrested for a crime, and Barbara turned to Batman to try and help her father. When Batman refuses to make an appearance at a public rally, Barbara assumes that Batman is refusing to help her father.

Batman discovered that the Commissioner was framed and decides to go undercover as Matches Malone. Meanwhile, Barbara decides to dress as Batman and make an appearance at the rally, an event that the real Batman sent Robin to attend. After a little confusion, Robin was forced to team-up with the imposter. In the end, Gotham got a new hero.

1 Over The Edge

Batman TAS Barbara Gordon Jim Gordon

Batgirl was facing off against Scarecrow when the villain got the upper hand. Batgirl was thrown off the side of a building and fell to her death. She died in her father’s arms.

Angered by her death, the Commissioner began to pursue the arrest of Batman and anyone associated with him. The aftermath of Barbara’s death would have marked the end of an era with all of Gotham’s greatest heroes being arrested. Luckily, not everything was what it seemed.

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